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  • import crm customers guide leads excel csv import file video customer import client import Importing Clients/Leads into CRM from a Spreadsheet, Excel or CSV File

    Importing Clients/Leads (CSV File) You can import a list of client/leads to make it faster to setup your CRM!  LMN handles the importing of .CSV files - a popular format for importing/exporting data between ...

    LMN Admin
  • crm guide general CRM Screen - General tab

    The General Information tab will give you a quick overview of your customer and will display all Billing and Tracking Information. Total Estimates will be displayed on this page. The This Year number is b...

    Kristen Kiely
  • crm guide contacts CRM Contacts Tab

    The Contacts tab will allow you to see all contacts for your customer.  You will be able to edit, add new and assign a new Primary Contact here. If you wish to edit your Contact's information, click on thei...

    Kristen Kiely
  • crm guide jobsite CRM Jobsite Tab

    The Jobsites tab of LMN will display all Jobsites for your customer.  You will be able to edit and add new Jobsites here. If you wish to edit a Jobsite, click on it's name. If you want to add a new Jobsite...

    Kristen Kiely
  • crm guide estimates CRM Estimates Tab

    The Estimates tab of LMN will display all Estimates created in LMN for your customer. You can access an estimate by clicking on the Estimate Name.   You can create a new estimate by clicking either + New S...

    Kristen Kiely
  • Work Requests - LMN To-Do's

    In this article, we are going to show you how you can manage your customer's Work Requests through LMN. This exciting new feature is going to will help create upsell opportunities you might have missed in th...

    Kristen Kiely
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