Job Setup for Invoicing

  • Importing Estimates for Invoicing

    When you import an Estimate into LMN Time, you will see some new information displayed in the job.  Please see a summary of this information, below.  For more information on importing jobs, click HERE. Contr...

    Kristen Kiely
  • Setting Up LMN Time Jobs for Invoicing

    Manual Invoice Setup This article will go over the basic invoicing setup for a job in LMN Time that was not imported from an estimate. To get the job in Time ready for invoicing, please follow these steps...

    Jason Drews
  • Setting up LMN Time Jobs for Monthly Contract Invoicing

    Monthly Contract Invoicing gives you the ability to setup a fixed amount that you charge your client every month no matter how much work you actually completed. Before you begin, you will want to link your J...

    Steve Kovacs
  • Setting Up LMN Time Jobs Services and Materials

    Services vs Activities/Materials For both Invoicing and tracking purposes, Services and Activity/Material will work in tandem to provide you critical information of when and what has been completed, as well ...

    Pete from LMN
  • Setting Up LMN Time Jobs for Hourly Invoicing

    How to Invoice for Hourly Work This article will show you how to set up your jobs for invoicing for work that is billed by the hour. In order to set up invoicing for work that is billed by the hour, you will...

    Kyle from LMN

Generating, Editing & Approving Invoices

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