1. CRM - Getting Started

  • crm video Getting Started with LMN's CRM

    Learn how to setup and get running fast with LMN's CRM. Here we'll cover who should be involved and a brief overview of some of the ways to import your customers/leads from other sources.

    LMN Admin

2. Importing Customers + Leads into the CRM

3. CRM Lists & the CRM Screen

  • crm crm screen video Understanding the CRM Screen

    CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. LMN will track and organize your leads and customers, will give you one central spot to manage all their phone, address and contact information, let you track...

    LMN Admin
  • crm crm list video Using Your CRM List to Find & Manage Leads & Customers

    Your CRM "list" screen is a list of all your customers, clients, leads and prospects.  This video will give you an overview of the various tools you can use on this screen to find, update, import and manage ...

    LMN Admin
  • crm guide add new adding client adding lead new client new lead Adding New Clients/Leads to CRM

    LMN's CRM was built to handle both new leads and existing clients. Entering Leads will help track when leads are coming in, who is handling them, store + share key lead information across all user in your c...

    LMN Admin
  • crm guide general CRM Screen - General tab

    The General Information tab will give you a quick overview for your customer and will display all Billing and Tracking Information. Total Estimates will be displayed on this page.   The This Year number i...

    Kristen Kiely
  • crm guide contacts CRM Contacts Tab

    The Contacts tab will allow you to see all contacts for your customer.  You will be able to edit, add new and assign a new Primary Contact here. If you wish to edit your Contact's information, click on thei...

    Kristen Kiely
  • crm guide jobsite CRM Jobsite Tab

    The Jobsites tab of LMN will display all Jobsites for your customer.  You will be able to edit and add new Jobsites here. If you wish to edit a Jobsite, click on it's name. If you want to add a new Jobsite...

    Kristen Kiely
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4. CRM Tags & Referral Sources

  • crm referral referral sources video Setting Up CRM Referral Sources

    Maximize your ROI (return on investment) on your marketing spend! Use LMN to track where your customers are coming from, how much revenue is coming in, and what your close rates are like for each different m...

    LMN Admin
  • crm guide referral referral sources Setting Up Referral Sources

    Referral sources will be used to track where your customers and leads come from.  Common referral sources include things like: Website Job signage Referral Magazine Ad ... and more.  With referral sources...

    LMN Admin
  • referral source faq How do I Setup My Own Referral Sources?

    The referral source field is used to track where your leads came from.  This way, you can analyze which sources of marketing are generating the most leads and sales. LMN comes with some sample referral sourc...

    LMN Admin
  • tags crm tags video Using CRM Tags

    Create your own custom classifications for clients and leads using LMN's tags. Tags are like lists - you can add any client/lead to the list(s) you want them to belong to. Using tags - you'll be able to inst...

    LMN Admin
  • crm guide tags Setting Up Tags in CRM

    Tags are really just ways to add clients and leads to a list.  Tags will help you filter your specific clients for tracking and also for marketing purposes.  If you want to pull a list of clients by a certai...

    LMN Admin
  • assign tags faq How do I Assign Tags to Customers or Leads?

    The purpose of tags is to assign your clients and leads to specific lists.  Tags are really just another name for a list.  When you assign a tag to a lead/client, you're adding that client to a list so it's ...

    LMN Admin
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5. CRM - To Dos

6. CRM - Troubleshooting