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4. Estimate Statuses, Cost Codes, Divisions and Terms & Conditions

  • estimate statuses sales pipeline video Setting Up Estimate Statuses

    Estimate Statuses allow you to create your own 'sales pipeline' in LMN.  They allow you to see how much potential, actual or lost revenue you have at each stage of your sales pipeline.  LMN comes shipped wit...

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  • guide statuses estimate statuses sales pipeline Setting up Estimate Statuses

    Estimate Statuses Information Estimate statuses are a critical part of Estimating and CRM reporting.  You will apply a status to each estimate, and as it goes through your sales pipeline, you will adjust a...

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  • cost codes quickbooks service items jobcosting video Setting Up Cost Codes

    This video will show you how to setup Cost Codes in LMN. Cost Codes make sure that revenue and costs are organized by division/account/or profit center in accounting. Cost Codes are what link to Quick Books ...

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  • cost codes guide Setting up your Cost Codes

    The purpose of this article is just to give you a quick overview of the setup for your Cost Codes.  For a complete tutorial, we strongly recommend you watch our Cost Code video (click here to jump to it). C...

    Steve Kovacs
  • division video Setting Up Divisions

    Divisions are a very simple way of organizing your estimates by department or, division. This video shows you how to set them up in LMN.     In this video you'll learn how to: Create and edit your division...

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  • divisions guide Setting up your Divisions

    Divisions are a way of organizing/tracking your estimates by department (or, division).  You can create as many divisions as you need, but we recommend you keep it simple. When you create estimates, you'll a...

    Steve Kovacs
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