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7. Taxes

  • tax sales tax vendor tax taxes default taxes video Setup Your Taxes

    This video will guide you through the process of setting up your taxes in LMN. This will ensure your estimates recover the cost of taxes paid on vendor purchases (if applicable) and the taxes you must charge...

    LMN Admin
  • tax sales tax taxes guide Setting up your Taxes

    Even if you don't charge your customers sales tax, you will still need to setup sales taxes.  If you pay tax to vendors when you buy materials etc., you will need to make sure the costs of the taxes are buil...

    Steve Kovacs
  • tax sales tax Default taxes guide Setting Up your Default Taxes

    Every estimate can have its own specific tax settings, especially useful for states where taxes are unique to each city or county. But you can also save time and mistakes by setting up default taxes.  Defaul...

    LMN Admin

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