July 2017 - 31 Days of Snow

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May 2017 - LMNPro

  • Reviewing Timesheet Photos

    Reviewing your crew’s Timesheet Photos is instant and at your fingertips. There are two main areas where you can view these photos: directly on each Job (Timesheet Photos)  or directly on a Timesheet (Timesh...

    Kristen Kiely
  • Files + Attachments

    By using the File + Attachment feature in LMN Pro you are able to improve the communication at your company and your access to relevant information. There is a limit of 30mb for uploading files which is gene...

    Kristen Kiely
  • Reviewing + Approving Invoices

    This article will show you how to set the review and approved statuses for your invoices within LMN.  How to Review & Approve Invoices Reviewing & Approving invoices will automatically change the status on t...

    Kristen Kiely
  • Viewing + Editing Invoices

    Once you build contracts and generate your invoices for your completed work there are several ways to access and edit those invoices before you get paid and make money! This article will first show you how t...

    Kristen Kiely
  • Invoice Runs

    Invoice Runs is a very simple concept; it’s a collection of invoices that were all created at the same time.  If you have not seen the Generate Invoices video/article we would recommend taking a look at that...

    Kristen Kiely
  • Generating Invoices

    In LMN Time, click on Invoices at the top of your screen. By default, this will bring you to the generate tab in the left menu. From here you will want to follow these steps: Select the date range you want ...

    Kristen Kiely
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March Madness 2017 - Account Settings & CRM

  • Importing Clients/Leads (CSV File)

    You can import a list of client/leads to make it faster to setup your CRM!  LMN handles the importing of .CSV files - a popular format for importing/exporting data between various applications. The CRM impor...

    Kristen Kiely
  • Importing LMN Contacts Into Google Contacts

    Preparing Your Import File: 1. Export your contacts from LMN. If you are unfamiliar with that process you can find more info HERE. 2. Open the attached spreadsheet. 3. Copy and paste the attached header nam...

    Kristen Kiely
  • ToDos: Notifications

    You can set up your LMN so notification e-mails are sent automatically when: A lead gets assigned to you by someone else When a To-Do gets assigned to you by someone else When a To-Do that you created has i...

    Kristen Kiely
  • Setting Up Referral Sources

    Referral sources will be used to track where your customers and leads come from.  Common referral sources include things like: Website Job signage Referral Magazine Ad ... and more.  With referral sources...

    Kristen Kiely
  • Setting Up Tags

    Tags are really just ways to add clients and leads to a list.  Tags will help you filter your specific clients for tracking and also for marketing purposes.  If you want to pull a list of clients by a certai...

    Kristen Kiely
  • CRM - ToDos

    ToDos are reminders that show up in LMN to make sure specific tasks get done.  Examples include tasks like: Prepare the estimate for Mrs. Smith Meet John for a site visit on Monday the 19th ToDo options: ...

    Kristen Kiely
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February 2017 - How to become an LMN Time Expert!

  • Show/Hide Jobs and Staff from Specific Employees

    LMN Time administrators have permission to show/hide any jobs to specific foremen or subcontractors.  This makes it easy to only show subcontractors (or foremen) jobs they are responsible for. ** note - don...

    Megan Macaulay
  • Creating Job Groups for Easier Billing/Reporting

    If there are a group of jobs that you need to bill at the first or end of the month, this is how you can set that up with job groups: Login to LMN Time. Click on Jobs. Click on Job Groups on the left-hand m...

    Megan Macaulay
  • How to Create Job Groups as Routes + Optimizing

    Using job groups, you can organize your jobs into related lists, or even routes, to make it easier, faster, and more efficient for your crews to find a job when they’re filling out their timesheet on their s...

    Megan Macaulay
  • How to Setup Your Foreman to Track Employees

    In LMN Time, you have the ability to setup foreman to track employees. To do that, simply click on STAFF at the top of the screen and click on the employees name that you want to set to track employees. You ...

    Megan Macaulay
  • Scheduling Maintenance

    You can set a job up for any recurring schedule, but you can also create pre-defined recurring schedule templates to make it really easy to schedule out a year's worth of work on a maintenance or service con...

    Megan Macaulay
  • Exempting Payroll Warnings

    Payroll warnings can be turned off for individual employee's. You might want to do this for salaried office staff, and managers etc. To exempt employee's from payroll warnings simply click on STAFF > Click o...

    Megan Macaulay
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January 2017 - How to become an Estimating Expert!

  • Recalculate Pricing for Old Estimates

    If a customer comes back after a while to approve an estimate, you need to make sure that the pricing on the estimate is up-to-date. LMN offers an option to refresh your pricing: How do I refresh my pricing?...

    Megan Macaulay
  • Archive/Hide Old Estimates

    Instead of archiving estimates individually, there is a much faster way to archive multiple estimates all at once. How to Archive Multiple Estimates: Open your estimate list screen Check off which estimates...

    Megan Macaulay
  • Hit Sales Goals More Regularly 

    In order to hit your sales goal more regularly we recommend comparing your estimate revenue per hour to your budget revenue per hour. This comparison can be found right within your estimate stats. Open an E...

    Megan Macaulay
  • Make More Profit With Less People

    Start by taking a look at gross and net profit for estimates, but also look at Revenue Per Man Hr.  The more total revenue generated per hour, the faster you will hit your sales goals and recover your overhe...

    Megan Macaulay
  • Estimated Costs Vs. Actual Costs 

    Want to know how to see your estimated job costs verses your actual job costs? It's simple. You can pull a report called ESTIMATED JOB COSTS (COST CODE) to get expected costs and labor hours to compare to ac...

    Megan Macaulay
  • Copy Work Area/Services for Fast Options

    LMN Estimating allows you to rapidly create ‘variations’ or ‘options’ for work areas by using the COPY WORK AREA command and then revising the materials to create alternative options. How to copy an existing...

    Megan Macaulay
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