Site One – Price List

In this article, we are going to show you how to download material pricing from your local SiteOne branch.

You’ll be able to get up and running faster by loading materials and pricing directly from SiteOne. This will save you lots of time by keeping your costs and prices accurate and your estimates profitable by updating your costs and prices anytime with a few simple clicks.

Please note that this SiteOne integration only works for US companies – this feature will be available in Canada in the near future.

To view a full video tutorial on how to update your Price List with materials from SiteOne, click HERE.

  • Let’s start by logging into our LMN account and clicking into our Item Catalog and then Materials. 
  • Then, click Add/Update from SiteOne.


  • Next, you will be prompted to enter your SiteOne password. 
    • It's important to use your SiteOne login so the system can recognize who you are and provide you with a relevant material list based on your order history.


  • Next, you will select your branch then pick the materials you want to import based on the list you want to download.

Determining what you want to Download

  • The first option you have when downloading SiteOne materials, is to narrow your list down by Category.  Here, you can pick from the following options.


  • If you do not want to download the entire catalog, you can select to only download previously purchased materials.
    • Here, you can filter further by using the “date since” to see only products which you have recently purchased.


  • The Remove Items feature will allow you to compare the new download with existing materials.
    • This will be helpful if you've already downloaded a group of materials to your catalog from SiteOne.
      • If it finds materials that were available the first time but not available the second time, those missing materials will automatically be removed from your list.
      • This is assuming that SiteOne is no longer carrying these materials.


  • Once you click Confirm, this request gets pushed to SiteOne and you will receive an email saying that the materials and pricing will be updated in a couple of hours.
  • After materials have been updated or added into your material list, they will show alongside the other materials which you manually imported from other vendors.

Editing SiteOne Materials

  • When you open a SiteOne material, it will specify that it’s from SiteOne and there will be certain fields that you cannot change.  These fields are marked in grey.
    • Material name
    • Size
    • Units
    • SKU number
    • Minimum Quantity
    • Cost


  • The fields marked in white are able to be edited.  
    • Type
    • Description
    • Internal Notes
    • Taxes
    • Shipping and warranty factor
    • Profit Margin
    • NOTE: If you want to adjust your materials' Shipping, Warranty Factor and Profit Marin in bulk, you can go to the categories section and adjust these markups for every item in that category. 

Congratulations - you should now be able to log into your SiteOne account from LMN, add new materials and pricing or update your exiting SiteOne materials and prices. Now it’s your turn to go ahead and try it!


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