SiteOne – Material Orders

In this article, we are going to show you how to use estimates to place orders directly to your local SiteOne branch.

This will save time from calling in orders or generating emails for your material orders. This also helps to reduce human error while ordering and simplify tracking of orders with the order history on your estimate screen.

Please note that this SiteOne integration only works for US companies – this feature will be available in Canada in the near future.

To view a full video tutorial on how to Order Materials from SiteOne, click HERE.

  • Let’s start by logging into your LMN account and clicking Estimates, and then jumping into a Standard or Services estimate.
  • For this example, we’re going to edit an existing Standard estimate that we’ve already created.
  • Click Workareas and Pricing, and then select a work area.
  • In your work area, click “Order from SiteOne”.


  • Next, you will be prompted to enter your SiteOne password.


  • After you've entered your SiteOne credentials, your order page will pop up.
    • This will remember which branch you’re ordering from.
    • There will be a PO# and reference number that will be generated which references back to this estimate.
    • If you scroll down, you’ll be able to see a complete list of all the materials, quantities, and costs for all the materials you’ve estimated.
    • If you wanted to order more, you can adjust the quantity at this time as well.
    • You can see the subtotal of your order right at the bottom, and a note that let’s you know the prices and available might differ at the moment of your order.  If you're comfortable with this information, click Confirm to process the order.


  • Once you click confirm, the branch is going to receive the order, send an email confirmation, and reach out to you to confirm or discuss substitution if necessary.

This will help you save a ton of time, the risk of making mistakes, and the need to email or call the vendors directly to get the prices. You can download the order summary or see a summary of SiteOne Orders directly from this estimate. You’ll be able to see the order date, PO and Reference number, and Subtotal all from this page.

Congratulations - you should now be able to log into your SiteOne account from LMN and order your SiteOne materials in your estimates directly from your estimate page. Now it’s your turn to go ahead and try it!


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