quickbooks create job desktop sync tool create customer existing customer Create a New Customer/ New Job or New Job for existing Customer in sync tool

In the LMN QuickBooks Desktop sync tool, you have the option to edit the match in order to create a New customer/ New Job or edit the match to create a New Job for an existing Customer when exporting an invoice(s) or timesheet(s) and an incorrect match is auto-selected.

Step 1: Edit match to create a new customer + job or map to an existing Customer + Job or create a New Job under the existing Customer.

  • In the sync tool when prompted with customer/ job match click on Import Action to edit match.


  • Select New Customer + Job if the customer is mapped incorrectly and does not exist in your Customer Centre in QuickBooks.  If the customer exists in QuickBooks, please scroll to Step 2 for how to map to the correct Customer/ Job or map to the Customer to create a New Job.

Step 2: Select existing Customer + Job (if applicable) or existing Customer to create New Job.

  • If you would like to match to the existing Customer/ Job, drag and drop the existing Customer's job to map to the LMN Time Job.  However, if you would like to create a new job for an existing Customer, then drag and drop the Customer (not the jobsite) to the LMN Time Job (pictured in screenshot below).



Another option that will allow you to create a New Customer/ New Job or a New Job for existing Customer is to open the LMN QuickBooks sync tool and go to Step 7 - Link your jobs to QuickBooks jobs.  Under the Matched Jobs drop-down right click on the matched job to clear the match.

  • This step will break the match.  That way when you are ready to export Timesheet(s) or Invoice(s), you will have the option to create a New Customer/ New Job or match to an existing Customer and create a New Job.



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