crm jobsite measure site measuring tool article Measurement Measurement Types Measurement Types and the Measure Site Tool

New with Product Release 20.07 LMN Users have the ability to save measurement types to jobsites using the Measure Site Tool! 

  • First, you will want to create your list of Measurement Types, by going to the Measurement Types tab in your CRM options, and clicking the +New in the top right (under main Settings menu).


  • Next, go into your Contacts in the CRM, and open the jobsite, you'll notice a new tab under each Jobsite, for Jobsite Measurements. Once you select a type from the list you have already created, you click on the Measure Site button, as shown below. 


  • This will open up the Measure Site tool, same as previous, except now, once you calculate an area or length, the system will save that number, that you can refer back to when building your estimates! As shown by the 2 screenshots below. 



  • For information on how to view Jobsite Measurements on an Estimate, click HERE.


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