estimating jobsite measure site measuring tool article Measurement How do I view Jobsite Measurements from LMN's Measure Site Tool while building an Estimate

New with Product Release 20.07 - LMN Users have the ability to quickly locate jobsite measurements while building estimates... all with the click of a button!

Here's how to access these measurements:

  1. Go to Estimate > Standard/Service > Click on an estimate
  2. Click on the Workareas/Services + Pricing tab 
  3. Click on the <-> Measure Site button


And that's it - this will open a new window and link back to Jobsites section in the CRM (specifically, showing your saved data under the new Jobsite Measurements tab where you can quickly access your those measurements while estimating).


For more information on how to use LMN's Measure Site Tool from the CRM, click HERE.


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