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Create a Budget in under 5 minutes!  The purpose of the Express Budget is to save you time and allow you to do what you love faster - estimate. 

You'll notice when creating an LMN Budget, there are two options - Operating Budget or Express Budget.  This article will walk you through how to create an Express Budget.

Follow these simple steps to create an Express Budget:

Step 1:

  • Log into LMN Estimating and select the Budget tab.
  • Click +New to create a new budget for your company.
  • Select Express Budget and click the OK.


Step 2

  • Review your Budget Info and choose from the 3 overhead recovery methods.  
  • LMN typically recommends MORS - Multiple Overhead Recovery as it recovers your total overhead expense over all the items that you sell - Labor, Equipment, Material, and Subs.  To learn more about Overhead Recovery, in order to select the best method for your business, please click HERE.


Step 3

  • Enter your desired profit margin percentage and note, you can adjust your profit margin in the Item Catalog, on an entire Estimate, by Work Area or line item if needed.


Step 4

  • Activate your Express Budget and mark as your Standard and/ or Service default Budget if applicable.





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