newsletter june 2020 LMN Field Report - June 2020

LMN Field Report

June 1st, 2020

Feature Updates
NEW! As of Thursday, June 4th your new QuickBooks Sync tool will be available, allowing you to sync all those Customer Portal Payments you’ve been collecting! We know you might need some time to get this loaded onto your server, so don’t fret – you will still be able to use the old Sync tool for estimates, timesheets and invoices until your team can update.
How to Use LMN's New Schedule Template Feature
Quickly Shift Schedules with LMN's New Schedule Template Feature and Update Your Team
How to train landscapers during the busiest time of year
You want your staff focused on the work you expect them to do that drives results; not the many distractions that can manifest on a jobsite. It’s hard to keep people in their lane if they don’t know what it is, so give your people some clarity and let them drive.
Introducing the Estimating Marketplace
Join LMN's CTO Mike Lysecki, as he gives a tour of the new Estimating Marketplace.
LMN Virtual Academy Classroom
Join the Academy team virtually….you’ve got questions? Then these sessions are for you.  Did we mention they are free and recorded live each day so sign up and get to class!
How to Run you Landscape Business Remotely
Stay organized, be a strong coach and use your time wisely are just some of the top takeaways shared by leading landscape business owners.
Accept Credit Cards. Get Paid Faster
Get access to LMN Preferred Rates and reduce your credit card processing fees.
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