no vendor name missing name P.O report supplier Why doesn't my Vendor's Name appear on P.O report header?

With the recent introduction of the Estimating Marketplace, you may encounter some Vendor Names appearing on P.O reports while others do not. 


(Vendor Name displayed in Header to organize Material order by Vendor)

The reason for this is, Materials added from the Estimating Marketplace will automatically be coded with the Vendor's ID (name).


(Vendor Name missing from Header and does not organize Material order by Vendor)

Whereas, Materials added from Material Catalog may be blank because the Internal field (Vendor Name) was left blank upon manually entry or import via CSV.

To update to include Vendor Name, simply export Materials (recommended to do so by Category) and add Vendor Name in Internal, column F.  Once updated, reimport into the software and regenerate P.O report.



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