20.05 Product Release

Estimating Marketplace

  • NEW and AWESOME! The LMN Estimating Marketplace will allow you to estimate with materials from Vendors near you! Want more information? Check out  this website for more information, or these articles for instruction on how to use it in your account!

Enhancements/Requests Implemented


  • Contact Estimate Tab - The button to build a Standard Estimate works again - go ahead and build your estimates from here like nothing ever happened.
  • Contact List Portal Checkbox - Check off the Portal Checkbox to see all of your customers who you have setup the Portal for. Haven’t setup the Portal yet? What are you waiting for!? Check out this video for an overview.
  • Blank Jobsites - Something odd was occurring when Customer Estimates/Jobs didn’t have a jobsite, but it’s fixed now. Moving forward, jobsites will be required for any estimate or job you create. If you are unsure of how to create a Jobsite for your customers, please check out these videos.
  • CRM Job Wizard - Add your jobs to a Job Group while you’re setting them up in the Job Wizard. I KNOW.... We are excited, too!

Customer Portal

  • Custom Email Footer Options - More personal email notifications! You can turn on custom email footers so any emails sent automatically from your portal include your custom text. Name, phone number, website link - the sky is the limit! Just kidding, 1000 characters is the limit.

Item Catalog

  • Material Search - You can now search your materials by SKU.


  • Estimate Date - We have removed LMN’s ability to time travel. Estimate date will now default to your current date when you copy an estimate at night.
  • Settings - Default Estimate Name now includes option for Jobsite Name.
  • Template Categories - Back by popular demand!

Time Admin Staff

  • Add New Staff - Leading the charge in innovation, you can now add your admin staff members and set their permissions at the same time.


  • Job Dashboard, Initial View - More is more! Now when you land on the Job Dashboard screen (before you select filters), you will see your first 40 jobs. Use additional filters to see the jobs you are looking for.
  • Job Dashboard, No Group - We’ve fixed the option for No Group in Job Dashboard so it actually shows you Jobs without Job Groups!
  • Admin Assignment - As if they needed more to do... You can now assign your Super Admin jobs.
  • Services, Select All and Delete - We’ve all been there, you copy a job, but don’t need all of the Services that came along for the ride. Solution! Open your new job's services, select what you don't need, then click Delete!
  • Materials, Select All and Delete - Same as above ^, but for Materials.
  • Invoice Schedule - Before the update, your last round-numbered invoice payment wouldn’t have any numbers following a decimal. Now it will.


  • Schedule Review, Type - Bringing you your information in the order you want it in! Your Services will now display in the order you have placed them in from your Settings tab.

Wait List

  • Map View Text Filter - Before, it wasn’t 100%, but now it is. You can search for Jobsite Name or ID now, too!

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