20.06.01 Product Release

Small but mighty! Our 20.06.01 Release had some big updates to some key applications.

QuickBooks Online Sync

  • Import Payments - You got paid though our Customer Portal and now your QuickBooks can reflect that, too! For more information, click HERE!
  • Disconnect button - There’s a new button in town, and it’s going to let you disconnect from your QuickBooks Online account. For your security, should you ever wish to permanently disconnect.

QuickBooks Desktop Sync

  • Comin’ at ya on Thursday morning, our new QuickBooks Desktop Sync tool will be ready for download from the Quickbooks Setup tab under Account. Using a server and need a couple of day’s lead time? No worries - your old Sync tool will work until you download and install the new one!
  • Import Payments - Available for QuickBooks Online and Desktop. For more information, click HERE!
  • A fancy new look for the powerful sync you know and love. Our QuickBooks Desktop Sync Tool got a makeover, but still has all the features you need. See the following USER GUIDE for a quick tour.
  • Helping you become more efficient at every turn: we’re maximizing speed for large syncs. If you’re moving over loads of estimates, timesheets, invoices or payments, you’ll notice it is faster than before!


  • Notification Time selector - Don’t start your day at 6am? No problem! Pick the time for your Timesheet Start and End notifications.
  • Employees missing from timesheets - We heard you on this one and got to the bottom of it! You will no longer need to track your staff down on timesheets they were actually on.


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