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LMN Field Report

May 1st, 2020

Customer Portal
Set yourself apart from your competitors by offering your customers a portal to access their property's job information.  Learn how to set up your customer portal in under 10 minutes by watching this Academy demo! The Customer Portal is FREE to all LMN subscribers.
Estimating Marketplace
Get fast and efficient estimates with accurate local supplier pricing right at your fingertips! Coming soon with the LMN Estimating Marketplace.
Mark Webinar
Join LMN's Mark Bradley for this FREE 4 part advanced webinar series that will help you estimate with confidence for any type of work you do. Mark will cover both residential and commercial maintenance, design-build, tender bids and snow proposals.
Never Burn Bridges
What are the most important tips to succeed as the owner of a landscaping business? Blake Albertson of B&B Lawn Care has the answers.
Building Confidence in your Financials
Join McFarlin Stanford founding principals Jim Cali and Jason New for this fast and focused workshop on the financial knowledge and standards you need to succeed at managing your green business.
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