20.04 Product Release


  • Portal Settings - ready to jump into your Customer Portal setup? Check out this video to begin!


  • Referral Source has been added to the CRM Contacts Export file - same great export, but now it’s just better.
  • Customer Portal tab - determine what you want your customer to see (or what you don’t want them to see) when they access their Portal. More information here.


  • Standard Contracts - Did someone ask for progress invoicing for standard work? We built it. Check out this article for more information.
  • Hazard Symbol for $0.00 items - Trying to add an item to an estimate with a $0.00 cost will now show a hazard symbol. Add a cost to drive your pricing and remove the symbol.


  • Standard Estimate Import will now bring over your Payment Milestones (if you built them into your estimate).
  • History & Photos tab now offers a Show All option. Want to see all of your information for that job? Select show all to... you guessed it, show all.
  • History & Photos tab - Ask and ye shall receive! We fixed this screen to show you all information for your selected date range (now including information for your start date).
  • Renew - File carryover - Want to renew a job and bring all job photos with it? We’ve got you! Just make sure the new Copy Job Files option is checked when you renew.
  • Assignments - Feel like making your staff more accountable? Step 1: Assign Salespeople, Estimators, Account Managers and Field Crew Leads to your jobs, starting now!
  • Payments - Review payments made in the portal or manually from Admin. Where to begin!? You should probably check out these articles.

Customer Portal - Invite your customers to review their job details and pay invoices in your new Customer Portal! You should probably check out these videos, release notes won’t do it justice.

Payments - Recording your payments has never been easier in LMN! Mostly because this feature is new. You should probably check out these videos.

Invoice - We’ve got loads of updates here. A couple of notable pieces can be found below, but you should probably check out these articles.

  • Options to Publish/Hide from Portal
    • From an Invoice: When ready, push your Invoice to the portal from the Invoice Action button, using the Publish to Portal option.
    • Multiple Invoices at once: This one has a couple of steps - check out this tutorial.
  • If you make a mistake, pull your Invoice out of the portal from the Invoice Action button, using the Hide from Portal option.
  • Due Date - Invoices now include Due Dates! Although we cannot guarantee that a due date will make your customers pay faster, we have to imagine that it will help!
  • Payment Record - See all of your collected payments for an invoice on the invoice itself. Genius.
  • Outstanding Balance - If your customer hasn’t paid in full, you’ll be able to see their balance here. If you have to, maybe try reminding them of their due date. See new due date feature above.
  • Open Job button - Bringing back old features that you know and love! You can find this button on the individual invoice screen which will direct you to the job the invoice is associated to. Go ahead and use to your heart’s content.
  • Apply Payment option - From an Invoice, you can apply a payment under Invoice Actions.

Invoice List

  • Search option update - So many ways to filter the data you need. You can now search your invoice list by Date or by Text.
    • Search by Date will filter Date Range, Status, etc.
    • Search by Text would filter by what you type in, returning results for: Invoice #, Customer Name, Jobsite Name, Customer Name
  • Published to portal check mark will show you which Invoices are already in the portal. If you don’t see a check mark, see Options to Publish above.
  • Total vs. Balance - see the total value on an invoice as well as what (if anything) has already been paid at-a-glance!
  • Portal Customers Only - “I want to see Invoices for Portal Customers only.“ OK! Filter invoices by customers who have the customer portal has been activated using the checkbox provided.


  • Payment Settings - If you will be posting payments manually, you’ll want to setup Payment Methods in the settings tab. More information on this can be found in this section.

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