Completing a Merchant Application

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  • Any member who wishes to begin processing payments through the Customer Portal will need to apply to be a merchant with our LMN Partner: CardConnect.
  • Signing up is easy!  See the steps below.

Initial Contact Form

  • Begin your request by accessing the CardConnect Sign Up page to complete a questionnaire on basic contact information, including:
    • First/Last Name
    • Email
    • Phone Number
    • Company Name
  • After you have submitted the above questionnaire, Dan from CardConnect will contact you via telephone.
    • If you have completed the questionnaire within CardConnect’s business hours (8am-6pm CST), you can expect a follow up within 1 business hour.
    • If you have completed the questionnaire outside of CardConnect’s business hours (8am-6pm CST), you can expect a follow up early on the next business day.


Dan from CardConnect will work with you to complete the remaining pieces of the Application process. This application will either be an online or PDF application, depending on whether you are American (online) or Canadian (PDF). Either way, Dan will work with you to follow the steps below.

During that initial contact, Dan will:

  • Begin to complete your application on your behalf.
  • Will discuss pricing options and answer any setup questions you might have.

After Dan has completed the pre-filled application, he will:

  • Forward it to you to sign off on.

Once the application is received, you will:

  • Verify that information is correct
  • Sign application
  • Return it to Dan

Underwriting and Onboarding

  • Member applications can be approved in as little as one hour after submission, but will not take longer than a couple of days.
  • If an application is not approved, Dan will contact you via telephone outlining exact next steps.
  • More information on Next Steps can be found HERE.


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