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April 1st, 2020

Customer Portal Coming Soon
Improve customer relationships and increase your cash flow efficiency when you need it most.  This exciting new addition to LMN is going to change the way you run your landscape business. Best of's FREE!
Meet the new Customer Portal. 
How to Retain your Best Employees in Any Economy
Is employee churn an issue for your landscaping business? You wouldn’t be alone. It’s a common problem for many business owners, especially those without an effective and consistent hiring and recruiting system.
LMN Webinars
Free Webinars for best practices and tips from industry experts. Next up: 
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LMN Academy

Training for owners and staff to learn remotely on all things LMN including the new Kickstart Time course. Create stickiness in your landscape business by having your staff become LMN Certified.

Landscape Business Management with Richey Plemons
What does it take to succeed in the landscaping business? We wanted to share the experience and wisdom of one of the best in the business, Richey Plemons of Georgia-based Plemons Lawn Care.
Landscape Business Management with Richey Plemons


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