service maps color code Setting Up Color Code Maps & Company Logo

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Color code Service Maps
This section allows you to determine what color pins show on your customer's maps, giving them an at-a-glance look at when their properties were last serviced. Based on the time of year or type of customer, you might want shorter time periods for snow season and longer time periods for the green season.

  • You will fill in the space provided with the time frame in hours
    • Very recently serviced
    • Recently serviced
    • Not recently serviced



Company Logo
You may upload a company logo, which will be shown to your customers when they log into the customer portal. Because this might vary from the logo you display on estimates, you will import separately on this page.  We’ve built a way to format - sizing can be done. If you still need a hand with logo sizing, a logo in around this size will work well: 304 pixels (width) x 122 pixels (height)!



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