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You can apply a payment to an Invoice from two places:

  1. Payment Screen
  2. Invoice Screen mceclip0.png

Payment Screen

This screen will show you any payments processed for your account, from Admin or from the Customer Portal.  Similar to the Invoice screen, you can search for a specific customer/ job site or filter your payments by date.  You can also filter payments by Status (Pending, Queued or Exported to QB) and Payment Method (the drop-down will feature any payment methods you have created).

To apply a payment from the payments screen:

  • Click on Invoice from the menu, then click on Payment Screen
  • Click on +New button
  • Here you will see a list of your job sites will unpaid Invoices - select the job site you want to process payments for mceclip1.png
  • The fields you can enter here are as follows:
    • Payment Type
      • Will be pre-selected as Manual Payment - this is because you are processing via Admin
      • If your customer paid via Customer portal, the payment type would be Online/ Portal Payment
    • Payment #
      • If you have a specific numbering system for payments, you can enter this manually
    • Payment Date
      • Will default to today's date - you have the ability to change this if you wanted to back-date 
    • Payment Method
      • This drop-down will feature any payment methods you have created
    • Notes
      • If you have any notes related to this payment, add it here
      • This section has a character limit of 1000 characters
  • When you're ready to enter your payment, click the +Invoice Payment button mceclip2.png
  • The fields you can enter here are as follows:
    • Invoice #
      • This will give you a drop-down of any unpaid Invoices for this job site
      • Select the Invoice you wish to pay for -  Note: If your customer wishes to pay for multiple invoices at once, you can repeat steps to combine any unpaid Invoices for this job site
      • If your customer is not paying for an existing invoice, and you just want to process a deposit payment, you can select Deposit/ No Invoice.
  • Invoice Date, Invoice Amount and Invoice Balance come over from the Invoice selected.  These fields cannot be edited
  • Payment Amount
    • This field will carry over from your Invoice Amount
    • If your customer is only paying a portion of the Invoice, you can edit the payment amount by clicking on it and typing in the value they will be paying 
    • If the Invoice you selected was selected in error, you can use the trashcan icon to remove the line


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