login online access academy What can't I login to the Academy?  Academy Login Page Academy Login Page: Why can’t I login to the Academy?

How do I access the LMN Academy Online?

Simply log into your LMN account and click on LMN Academy (LMN Estimating > LMN Academy).


This will direct you to the Academy Online (https://academy.golmn.com/learn/signin) where you can click on the sign-in with LMN. Ensure that you have entered your LMN username and password correctly.


Once you have done this, every time you click on the LMN Academy button within LMN, it will automatically log you into the Academy Online. 

**Note: the Academy Online has a 3-hour timeout, if you are logged in for longer, you will need to reenter your username and password to continue training.


What can't I login to the Academy? 

1) Ensure you use the correct Username (this may or MAY NOT be your email address) and Password

2) Login with the "Sign in with LMN" button. 

3) New users that just created their accounts will need to allow 3-4 hours for the Academy to fully register the account and gain access to the Academy.

4) Check with your Super Admin that you are added as an Admin User and not Foreman User.

Foreman Users will not have access to the Academy training videos as they would only use the LMN Time App to clock in and out of jobs for others and for themselves. They would not need to look into the Academy for invoicing, budgeting and estimating etc training videos. For information on how to use our LMN Time App, please click here.

If you require further assistance on troubleshooting this, please contact our Support Team via our Live Chats feature or email us at support@golmn.com





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