19.12 Product Release Notes

Enhancements/Requests Implemented


  • Payroll Alerts - Now defaulted to today's date
  • Next task - Only staff with open time will come across to the next task for Punch In

Live Tracking 

  • Job Tracking - Job History - Punch In/Out sorting now available
  • Crew Tracking - Staff Groups are now sorted alphabetically


  • Non recurring job - planned crew now appears alphabetically

Wait List 

  • Crews selected during addition to Wait List are now reflected and remembered on Wait List screen and promotion to schedule

Schedule templates

  • Inactive services will now show with a strike through

Job Screen 

  • History & Photos - Date range extended to 6 months

Staff Screen 

  • Admin User - Hide Staff/Hide Jobs screen - Job group dropdown now in alphabetical order


  • Payroll Summary - Daily Hours - Report run by Staff group now shows Staff by Last Name 



  • Importing an estimate to time allows for selecting/un-selecting of hourly tasks
  • Service Estimates - Updates estimates - Renew - Salesperson and Estimator dropdowns now show only active staff

Online Training

  • Users with Online Training permissions can now view Online Training Tab

Unscheduled Route 

  • Save as Group job remembers order
  • Rerouting remembered when adding schedule to whiteboard

Job Screen 

  • Files - Link files from CRM
  • Tasks - Can no longer add two Tasks with same name

Job Groups 

  • Route - Adding multiple jobs to the existing job group now adds new jobs to the bottom of the list, allowing you to reorder if required

Invoice Screen 

  • Invoice subtotal rounds based on line items rounded above


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