19.11 Product Release - LMN Time App

Enhancements/Requests Implemented

  • Database/Server Improvements
    • Significantly improved average server response speed (0.67 sec after launch) to an average of 0.17 sec over last week)
    • Improved load times for companies with 200+ jobs by over 300%
    • Improved load times for companies with 50+ staff by 50%
  • Job Groups
    • Optimized Job Groups display (only displays name(s) of Job Groups where users can see at least 1 job in the group)
  • New Features
    • Added ability to Swap Job for open jobs (jobs with no End time)
    • Improved process for adding staff who start after foreman. (instead of using NEXT TASK, use the More menu and tap the PUNCH IN option)
    • Foreman can revert a timesheet status from Submitted back in In Progress (using the More menu) to fix/edit mistakes. Foreman cannot set timesheets back to In Progress once a timesheet is set to In Review or Approved (only an admin has that power).
  • Additional Enhancements
    • Hid inactive staff from the absent/late drop down list
    • Copying employees now includes copying lunch deductions
    • Added more horizontal space in services/materials for materials with long names


  • Fixed identifiable causes of “spinning wheel” crashes when punching in or submitting timesheet (frequent)
  • Repeated, fast taps of the Next Task and New Timesheet buttons no longer cause ‘spinning wheel’ crashes (frequent)
  • Crashes of late/absent screen(s) when staff lists contain 50 or more staff (occasional)
  • Routes on the mobile app were not showing jobs in correct order (frequent)
  • Jobs that did not require notes were requiring notes (occasional)
  • Timesheet lunch deduction - times not being set or cleared correctly (frequent)
  • Task Info screen was loading blank in certain cases (rare)
  • Lunch could be applied outside hours where employee actually worked (rare)
  • Foremen were unable to submit certain timesheets (had to be done by admin) (occasional)
  • Date picker controls were fixed so users who rapidly clicked DONE didn’t crash the following screen (occasional)
  • Editing start/end times was raising conflict warnings when none existed


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