Time Settings: Merge Services

Services will now be scheduled directly to a job! Because we have removed Visit Types, all pre-existing Visit Types in your account have been moved to your Service list.  You will know which services came over from Visit Types as they will include (VT) at the end of the name. They will also display at the top of your service list.


You will likely want to combine some of your new services (visit types) with some of your old services.  To do this, follow the steps below.

Disclaimer: note that this tool will only hold onto Linked Materials and Billing settings from the master service.  Meaning, if you have two old services that you want to merge together, Linked Materials will be removed from Service B when you add it to Service A. 

Select the Service you want to use as your master (likely the service you have setup with all billing information and linked materials) and click the Merge with Other Services button from that master service.

  1. Go to Settings>Jobs>Services
  2. Select your old service, the one that existed in your service list before the update.  This service is likely setup with all Billing preferences and Linked Materials.  This is the service that we want to keep in your list.
  3. Click the Merge with Other Services button.
  4. Search your Service list for the new Service (your visit type) and select it by checking the checkbox beside it's name. When you've selected all services there, click Merge.


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