live map crew tracking live tracking where are they? live map intervals punched in distance from site Crew Tracking

Similar to the Job Tracking, you will also be able to track where your crews have last punched into a job by map view and list view.

  • Under the Live Tracking tab on the left-hand menu, click the Crew Tracking tab
  • You can filter by Staff Group and see where they are Punched-in at jobPunched-in away from job and if the Crew location is not available
  • To view by list, click on the Where Are They? button
  • This screen will allow you to filter by Staff Group
  • If your crew has location services turned on while punching in, you will be able to click on the map button to view the jobsite location and the crew location at the time they punched in and the distance from site when they punched in. 


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