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The fastest, easiest way to schedule weekly jobs is to do a group of jobs at once... and that's what you can do with Bulk Scheduling.  It's as easy as:

  • Mapping jobs with a specific service
  • Selecting them (on the map!)
  • Applying a Work Calendar/Visit Schedule
  • And that's it.... schedule hundreds of visits in 5 min or less

To do so, follow these steps:

    • In LMN Time, click on Schedule on the left-hand menu, then Bulk Schedule
    • Select your Job Filter and if you want to view all jobs, or just jobs from a particular Job Group.
    • Pick a Service you're looking schedule (*Please note, your jobs do need Services in them for Bulk Scheduling to work). This will scan all jobs to show you on the map all the jobs with the attached service. Click HERE for a guide on creating Services.
      • Please note Visit Types are no longer required.
    • Click With Visits After to select a preferred date and again narrow down the list of jobs that will be shown on the map.
    • Lastly select Hide Scheduled & Wait List if you want to Hide Jobs that have already been scheduled and then click Search

You should now see properties appear on your map like the image below:


You can now pick which jobs on the map you want to schedule by clicking each point or by using the tool highlighted in the image above. This tool acts just like the Measure Site tool in the estimating section. After highlighting using the tool, click the Schedule Selected Jobs button at the top of your screen.

Please note there is a legend at the bottom-left of the map to show you which jobs are unscheduled, wait listed, scheduled and which you have selected.

*TIP- Pick jobs based on the area you want to schedule for a particular crew or day of the week and not just every single job! **

Once ready to schedule or Wait list your selected jobs, click the Schedule Selected Jobs button at the top right corner to take you to the next screen.


Now from the screen above:

      • Type the Task you would like to schedule within 'Task Name Contains'
        • Click the + button, which will fill in all your jobs tasks with what matches your search. 
        • You can click the + button again to select an additional task to fill in - please see below:2019-10-17_15_47_50-LMNWeb3___Bulk_Schedule.png
        • These can be changed individually for jobs if needed by using the drop down menu
      • Select the Schedule Template you want to apply to these jobs
        • IMPORTANT: If you're trying to schedule these to the Wait List. Make sure to select a Wait List visit schedule. These can be created within your Work Calendar. For a guide on creating these, please click HERE.
        • Please note you can change these for individual jobs in your job list by using the drop down menu just like your Tasks.
      • Select the Manager
      • Select the Starting Date
        • IMPORTANT: If you're scheduling a Manual visit schedule with predefined dates, this will be overridden to use the Visit Schedules dates.
      • Select the Crew if applicable
      • Pick the Weekday if applicable
      • Verify all selections are accurate! If you see the triangle symbol next to the job as shown above, this means the job has already been scheduled.
      • Visits will highlight in red if the quantity of visits in the Task do not match the Visit schedule

Once you have verified the information is accurate, you can click the Schedule Jobs button at the top-right hand corner.

Confirm the prompt and you're done!


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