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From your LMN Time Whiteboard in the Schedule section, you can use the 'Edit Crew Schedule' button to make the following changes:

  • Re-assign jobs from one crew to another
  • Change a crews scheduled visits to another date 
  • Delete scheduled visits

*In addition to being able to change a crews scheduled visits to another date or crew, you can also specify which visits should be changed by Visit Status as well. For example, you can select to move 'Only Incomplete' visits to another day.*

To use the Edit Crew Schedule button, follow these steps:

  • In LMN Time click Schedule > Whiteboard on the left-hand menu.
  • Ensure the Date in the Whiteboard is the correct date you want to make changes for
  • Click Whiteboard Actions drop down menu > Click Edit Crew Schedule

  • Pick which Crew you're making changes to from the drop down list
  • Select which Option you want to do (Re-assign to different crew, Change visit dates, or delete scheduled visits)
  • If re-assigning crews or changing dates, pick the new crew or date
  • Select what type of Visit Status to apply changes to (eg. Incomplete Visits only, All visits, Visits marked as skipped, or Visits marked as complete)

*Please note* The Edit Crew Schedule button was previously named 'Edit Sched'.


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