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Some types of work are hard to schedule.  When you're adding a job at the beginning of the year that requires fertilization or fall cleanup - you don't know the exact date you're going to do the work... you just know you have to get it done within a certain time frame.

That's the best case for using a wait list.  You can setup a start date, and a warning date, for your wait lists, then add jobs and their services to this list.  After the start date, the job will appear on the wait list as something that you need to schedule.  If you haven't scheduled the work by a certain date - the warn date - the job will turn red and tell you its overdue.

And promoting something from the wait list to the schedule is easy.  Simply assign a date and a crew and you're good to go.

This guide will provide you a complete overview of how to use the Wait List.

Please note, your jobs do need Services in them to be able to schedule these to your waitlist. For more information on setting up services, click HERE.

You will want to setup your Schedule Templates to schedule these jobs to the waitlist. To do this, go to Schedule > Schedule Templates on the left-hand menu and click +Add Item in the top-right corner. 


Click +Add Service in the top-right corner to begin add your services to your Schedule Template.

The Schedule Type in the Schedule Template will need to be set to waitlist. 


  • STARTING/ENDING DATE RANGE: click on the date field(s) and a calendar will appear. Click on the date(s) you wish to assign.
  • VISITS: enter the frequency within your specified date range. 
  • TIME FACTOR: you can reduce or add more time to your visits by entering a % value here. Factors that would impact this could be weather, length of gaps between visits (ie. once every 3 weeks, or winter season). Enter a value of LESS than 100% if you feel this visit might be completed in LESS than the estimated manhours per visit. Enter a value of GREATER than 100% if you feel this visit might be completed in MORE than the estimated man hours per visit.
  • WARN BY: This will give you a warning on your waitlist tab if you haven't promoted this job to the schedule by the date. 

If you would like to add additional date ranges, click +Dates in the top-right corner.

You can schedule your jobs to the waitlist! 

When scheduling your jobs, if you select Bulk Scheduling you will only be able to schedule 1 service at a time across multiple jobs.
For More information on bulk scheduling, click HERE

Scheduling from the Calendar, Whiteboard or within a single job you will be able to schedule multiple services using Schedule Templates for 1 job. 
For more information on Scheduling from the your visit schedules through Calendar, Whiteboard or within a job, click HERE

For more information on Schedule Templates, click HERE










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