services hide from timesheets show on timesheets invoice description hide services faq hide Time Settings: How do I Hide Services from Timesheets for All Jobs?

Finished with a service for the season (like Spring Cleanups) and no longer want to show it to crews on timesheets?  OR - want to hide services like Fall Cleanups until they're due?  Now, we make it easy.

To update a Service's Invoice Description, Show/Hide from Timesheets across all of your Jobs:

  • Go to Settings and select Services.
  • Select the Service you would like to change either the Invoice description or that you would like to show/ hide from timesheets.
  • Click Update All Jobs button.
  • Select one of the following: Update Invoice Description, Hide From Timesheets or Show On Timesheets.



Note: This will update the Invoice description, Hide/Show on Timesheets across ALL jobs that have this Service assigned to it.


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