crm change client change jobsite change customer link customer link crm job faq not linked how to link old jobs no crm Jobs: How do I Link an LMN Time Job to a CRM Customer?

If you have old jobs that are not linked to a customer in LMN's CRM, or if you wish to change the customer that an LMN Time job is linked to, you can perform either of these tasks by following these simple instructions:


  1. Go to LMN Time and click on Jobs > Jobs List  Then, click on the customer you wish to update.2019-10-04_11_05_15-LMNWeb3___Job_List.png
  2. Click on the Action drop down menu in the top right corner as shown below.
  3. To change the customer, click Change in the top right corner.
    To search, use the field provided and click Search.  Once you find the correct customer, click Select2019-10-04_11_11_52-LMNWeb3___Job_Details_.png
  4. Select the Contact and Jobsite for the job.  Once correct, click OK.
  5. If you need to change your customer, click Change.2019-10-04_11_12_54-LMNWeb3___Job_Details_.png


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