job files job photos files for crew faq link attachment link file from CRM link from crm How Can I Add Files/Photos To a Job So My Crew Can View Them From the App?

NOTE: The following feature is only accessible with an LMN Pro subscription. For more information please review the demo below:


There is a Job Files area in a job in LMN Time. As shown below, there will be two options to attach files to a job in LMN Time. The purpose of these files compared to the estimate or CRM file is that files in a job in LMN Time will show up for the foreman in the LMN Time Field App.

      1. Login to LMN Time
      2. Click on Jobs > Jobs List on the left-hand menu
      3. Click into a JOB
      4. On the left side menu, click on JOB FILES

IMPORTANT: We recommend keeping files at a 5mb data size for the purposes of being viewed from the field app. Larger files (up to 50mb) will work, but based on a mobile phones network connection it could take longer than anticipated to open a file. Furthermore, if a foreman is opening larger files consistently, it will use much more data than the LMN Time app would typically use on a normal day.


By clicking Link from CRM you can view all files that have been uploaded in your CRM and Estimate as it makes the connection to a client/lead CRM file. Keep in mind, any file that is added to a job in LMN Time will be view-able from the field app!



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