job renew next year faq Contract renew jobs How can I Renew A Job for The Next Year?

Many jobs will carry over from one year to the next.  Especially maintenance contracts.  But the answer is probably different depending on the type of job...

For construction-type projects

Typically, a construction job that carried over year to year would be a larger job, but it's still the same job.  Because the original job contained the total estimated hours for the entire project, you'd continue clocking time against this same job/task during the subsequent year.

For maintenance-type contracts

Maintenance type jobs carry over from year to year, but typically the hours in the original estimate are only for one calendar year.

If you tracked all of Year 2's hours against the original job, you'd look like you went way over the estimated hours (assuming you estimated the hours based on 1 season).  So you have 2 options here:

  1. You can keep the same job, but manually increase the 'estimated hours' to reflect the new seasons' estimated hours + all previous estimated hours.
  2. You can renew the job.  Renewing the job creates a copy of the current job, with all the same estimated hours, tasks, activities etc. as the prior season.  The previous job can be set to inactive at the same time.  See the instructions below.


Instructions to renew a job in LMN Time

  1. Open the Jobs > Jobs List menu in LMN Time
  2. Use the checkboxes to the left of each job to select any/all the job(s) you want to renew
  3. Click the Renew Jobs button in the bottom task bar



An Renew Jobs option screen will now appear.  From here you choose options like:

  • Automatically adding a suffix to the new job name (like the current year)
  • Automatically deactivating the old job (only do this if last year's contract is 'complete')
  • Reset your Contract and Monthly Payment dates for your Maintenance seasonal contracts if invoicing using LMN Pro.
  • Generate a new JobID (or keep the old one) - this is just an internal ID you can use to keep the same ID
  • Update job groups - really handy tool... this will remove the old job from all the job groups and insert the renewed job in its place
  • Update the QB Link - if this is on, it will link to a new job in Quickbooks.  Leave this off to continue exporting time/payroll hours to the job that already exists in Quickbooks



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