estimate import change order add task jobs faq LMN Time add task to estimate imported update estimate update job If an estimate has already been imported to LMN Time, how do I make changes?

Once an estimate has been imported into LMN Time for time tracking, changes can happen to the original estimate which may need to be changed in LMN Time. For example, your customer may want to add an additional service to the project.

Since that estimate is already in LMN Time, we cannot re-import the estimate with the extra information as that would overwrite your existing timesheets. You also would not want to import a new job as that would be confusing for your crews.

The best way to handle this is by manually adjusting the job in LMN Time by doing the following:

  1. Log into LMN Time
  2. Click on Jobs > Job List
  3. Click on the Job you want to edit in your list
  4. Click on Tasks in the left menu
  5. Click +Task at the top right-hand of the screen
  6. Input the new Task information including estimated hours, task name, cost code and note then click OK

This will update your existing job with the new information so that your crews can see the additional changes.



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