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You have the ability to override your Payroll Codes on a per Job basis, if required. Setting up your Payroll Codes within a Job will override the Payroll Codes that have been assigned as per the Job Type for the job in question (as covered HERE). If you have not created a Payroll Code for this particular job yet, please click HERE.

This will enable you to pay employees different wages for different types of jobs/work – especially handy if you pay premium rates for snow and ice work or if you do prevailing wage work for commercial or government customers.

  1. To assign specific Payroll Codes for a Job, access the Job in question and select Payroll on the top menu.
  2. Here you will notice that the Payroll Codes being used for Hourly, Hourly Overtime, and Salary Wages are set to the Job Type Default (to review which Job Type this job has been allocated to, click on Job Overview tab on the top menu).
  3. To assign a new Payroll Code to each wage, click on the drop-down menu next to each wage you wish to edit and select the new Payroll Code(s).
  4. Click Save.


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