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The purpose of this article is just to give you a quick overview of the different areas in LMN Time where you can schedule an individual job from.

You are also able to schedule weekly or irregular services in bulk, for more information on Bulk Scheduling, click HERE.

There are four different ways to schedule a Job in LMN Time individually.  All include the same steps when scheduling a Job, but vary depending on what screen you wish to start from.

The different screens where you can Schedule a Job from are as follows:

  1. Directly in a Job, from the Schedule tab on the left-hand menu. Click +Add on the top-right corner.2019-10-10_07_58_02-LMNWeb3___Job_Details_.png 
  2. From the Schedule section, on the Whiteboard located on the left-hand menu. Click Whiteboard Actions menu in the top-right corner, then +Add Work to Schedule.

  3. From the Schedule section, on the Calendar View located on the left-hand menu. Click the Calendar Options drop down menu, +Add Work to Schedule.


  4. From the Schedule section, on the Unscheduled Jobs tab on the left-hand menu. Click Schedule to schedule the job or task. 
    *You can filter above the list to view by jobs or task, also by Job Groups. 


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