guide tasks add task Task Jobs: Adding Tasks to Jobs

The purpose of this article is just to give you a quick guide to creating a task in LMN Time.

Once a Job has been created (either via an Estimate Import or built from scratch), you can add Tasks, which are what your Field Employees will be tracking their time against. Tasks allow you to break down a job into more specific areas.

Adding a Task

To add a Task to a Job, access the Job in question and select Tasks on the left-hand menu.


  1. Click on the +Add Task.
  2. On the Add Jobsite Task screen, you will see the following fields:
    Task Name: this is how the Task will appear on the app.
    Cost Code: select from the drop-down menu which Cost Code you wish to assign to this task.
    Task Notes: these notes will pop-up on the app every time they clock into this Task.
    Track hours and rates for billing-by-the-hour?: ONLY check this box if you are planning on charging your customer a separate hourly rate for this Task. If this Task is inclusive to the contract/estimate, leave this box unselected.
    Show Activities on Clock Out?: if this is uncheck marked, NO activities will appear on the app for selection. Checkmark this option if you wish to allow your foremen to view Activities assigned to this job.
    Exclude from Overtime Calculations: if check marked, any hours tracked to this Task will be exempt from Overtime calculations. Most companies have this option uncheck marked (unless for extenuating circumstances).
    Est. Man Hours: enter your Estimate Man Hours for this Task.
    # of Visits: enter the number of visits for this Task.
  3. Press OK.


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