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Schedule Templates will allow you to schedule multiple services for a single job all at once. This guide will walk you through creating & scheduling your jobs using Schedule Templates.


Schedule Templates are replacing 'visit schedules' in work calendars. 

  • To create a Schedule Template, click Schedule > Schedule Template on the left-hand menu and click +Add Item in the top-right corner. 


    • Enter your Schedule Template name, click OK.
      • Click +Add Service in the top-right corner to begin adding the services to the template that you will be scheduling. 

SERVICE: Select the Service from the drop down menu of your list of Services
(for more information on setting up Services, click HERE).

SCHEDULE TYPE: these are your three schedule types:

  • WEEKLY: allows you to set a start and end date with weekly intervals in between for each visit 
  • MANUAL: whereby you pick a set date per visit)
  • WAIT LIST: for scheduling jobs to your Wait list where you're unsure the specific date it will be done, but know the date range (Fertilization for example)

CALENDAR: Select from your work calendars, these are your work calendars that will on the Calendar & Whiteboard view. 


      • Click the +Visit button to begin adding the visit dates. 

STARTING/ENDING DATE RANGE: click on the date field(s) and a calendar will appear. Click on the date(s) you wish to assign and press SET.

VISITS: enter the weekly frequency within your specified date range (IE. every 1 week, 2 weeks etc.).

TIME FACTOR: (optional) you can reduce or add more time to your visits by entering a % value here. Factors that would impact this could be weather, length of gaps between visits (IE. once every 3 weeks, or winter season). Enter a value of LESS than 100% if you feel this visit might be completed in LESS than the estimated man hours per visit. Enter a value of GREATER than 100% if you feel this visit might be completed in MORE than the estimated man hours per visit.


      • If you have selected the Manual Schedule Interval, you will then set up the DATE you wish to have the visit occur on.


      • Once you've added all your services & dates, you will be able to schedule your jobs from the Calendar, Whiteboard or within the Job itself and select this template to schedule all the services within the job and template. 


Scheduling Jobs using Schedule Templates

To schedule a job using your Schedule Templates, you can do this from the CALENDAR view, WHITEBOARD or within the JOB itself.

Add Job to Schedule: Select One Time Job or Recurring Job

  • One Time Job: You will select from your Non Recurring Work Calendars
  • Recurring Job: You will be able to select from your Schedule Templates

Step 1: Choose a job
This screen will allow you to filter from your job groups and utilize the search bar to search for a specific job, customer, task or service. 

Click Next


Step 2: Select a Schedule Template to schedule your services
You can pick from your previously created Schedule Templates OR select custom to a new one.


Once you select your schedule template, you will see a screen like the below image. If you have a service setup in the Schedule Template that has not been added to the job, you will have the opportunity to add it to the job and schedule together with the other services. 


Select the appropriate tasks that would be associated with the service you are scheduling. 
Click Next

Step 3: Review the Services you are scheduling. 
If you have select a weekly type you will select date weekday you want these visits to schedule for. 
You will also select the crew you would like to assign. 


Click Finish and follow the prompts, then you will be able to review the visits you have scheduled



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