Edit Schedule Change crews Delete visits Move schedule faq move visits schedule review rain day change sched bulk edits How Can I Make Bulk Edits or Changes using the Schedule Review?

You can select multiple jobs in your Schedule Review to do the following in bulk:

  • Move jobs scheduled dates
  • Change the assigned crew
  • Update visit status (Scheduled, Skipped, Complete, or Overdue)
  • Delete scheduled visits

To do this, first log into LMN Time and click on Schedule at the top menu then follow these steps:

  • Click Schedule Review in the left side menu
  • Check off which jobs you want to include in your changes using the check boxes next to the job names
  • Click the Edit Schedule button 
  • Select which option you're looking to perform
  • If changing the date or crew, select the new date/crew
  • Click Continue and then OK to confirm


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