guide setup jobsite watch customer portal jobsitewatch set up jobsitewatch activate jobsitewatch setup jobsite watch How to Activate & Setup JobsiteWatch

With JobsiteWatch you can give your customers live, 24/7 access to site service reports from any smartphone or internet-enabled device. Ramp up your snow sales by by giving your customers something no other contractor can!

To activate JobsiteWatch:

  1. Log into LMN > click mceclip0.pngto access Time on the top-menu.
  2. Click JobsiteWatch on the left-hand menu.
  3. Click Change Subscription.
  4. Next to Subscription Level, select the package you wish to activate from the drop-down menu (Single, 10 pack, Unlimited).
  5. Select the checkbox to authorize the charges and press Save.

To create a JobsiteWatch Access Code for your customer(s):

  1. Click +New.
  2. Under the Add New Access Code screen,fill out the following fields:
    Code Name: enter a name that the customer will recognize
    # of Users: the amount of people who can access this code to see Jobsite Watch information
    Show GPS: choose whether or not you want your customer to see GPS timestamps or not
    Crew/Weather/Equipment Notes: toggle them ON or OFF
    Show Clockout Times: toggle them ON or OFF
    Time Increments: enter low, pivot, & high intervals showing job service history (ie. less than 24 hrs or 48 hrs ago)
  3. To Add Jobs, click Job Access > Add Jobs to the current Access Code by checkmarking the Jobs under the Jobsite Search Results window (left) 
  4. Click Save
  5. Click Invite on the right-hand menu to share with your Customer(s).

How your Customer accesses JobsiteWatch (first-time visit):

  1. Have your customer visit
  2. Click User Login
  3. Click Register New Account.
  4. Create an account using an email address + password of their choosing.
  5. Enter Access Code (shared by you).
  6. Agree to Terms & Conditions and create Account.



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