hourly rate rates hourly rates time and materials hourly billing billing by the hour cost plus faq T&M Jobs: How Do I Add Rates for Jobs That Are Billed By The Hour?

This article covers how to setup a job in LMN where the job is billed:

  • By-the-hour, with hourly rates
  • Time and materials (also referred to as cost-plus)

Once a Job has been created, you can add Rates for Jobs that will be billed at an Hourly Rate or a Flat Fee (above and beyond your estimate/contract). This also includes Time and Materials type jobs.

Before any Rates can be added to the Job, ensure you have created the Rates beforehand. If you haven't already done so, please visit the following "Setting Up Rates In LMN Time" article. You will also have the ability to add a new Rate within the Job as seen on Step 3.



Access the Job you wish to track for Hourly Billing, and click on Tasks on the left hand-side.


  • Click on the Task you wish to track for Hourly Billing
  • Ensure the Track hours and rates for billing-by-the-hour?



To add a Rate to a Job, access the Job in question and select Hourly Rates on the left-hand menu.


  1. Click on the +Rates.
    *PLEASE NOTE: the Rates entered here are for DEMO purposes only and are not meant to be taken as factual rates to be used in your company
  2. On the Add Rates screen, checkmark the Rate(s) you wish to add to this Job.  You'll notice that once you put a checkmark beside the rate, you can customize the dollar value (price) of that rate for this specific job.
  3. If you wish to create a new rate, select the +Default Rate button and enter all the necessary values for your new rate.  Adding a new rate will also add this rate to the Settings, so it will be available for future jobs.
  4. Press Add Selected



If you already have a Job in LMN Time that has similar Tasks, you can Import them into your new Job instead of creating them from scratch.


  1. On the Rates screen, press Import at the top-right of the screen.
  2. Select the Job from the Select a Jobsite drop-down menu that you wish to copy FROM.
  3. Checkmark whether you wish to Copy Tasks, Rates and/or Services from the original Job.
  4. You also have the option to Copy the exact same values or reset them to 0 by toggling them in the drop-down to the right of each item.
  5. Press OK.
  6. Now the Tasks, Rates and/or Services have been coped into your new Job.



You will now be able to generate Billing Reports to bill/invoice your client in accordance to the hours logged per the Hourly Rate.

  1. Select Reports.
  2. Select Billing.
  3. There are numerous reports that can be generated here to view your Billing reports based on Jobs or Job Groups, within a set Date Ranges.
  4. A good report to try and run would be the Job Billing - Detailed report.


For users of LMN Pro - the Generate Invoices routine will automatically find and create invoices for any work that was done on hourly rate jobs.


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