equipment scheduling work calendar work calendars Schedule equipment Scheduling Equipment tracking equipment Schedule: Scheduling Jobs to Specific Equipment

A recent LMN Academy "student" asked a very interesting question during our Scheduling class, asking if it were possible to schedule jobs to a particular piece of equipment; the answer is "YES".

You can schedule work to either a recurring (maintenance), or non-recurring (Installation) work calendar, and use the name or piece of equipment as the work calendar name.  This would be handy for companies with specific equipment that needs to be used, and there may only be one available, and make sure it's not "double-booked".

Click on the settings wheel at the top right corner > Click Schedule > Work Calendars > +New

  • Create your Recurring or Non-recurring Calendar:


  • Name the new calendar after the specified Equipment:



  • Adjust the required settings for the calendar, the "Save":


  • Open your Installation Job from your active Job List:
  • Under the Schedule section in the job, click Scheduled Visits, then click the + Add button: 


  • Select One Time Job
  • In the dropdown, select the new "equipment" work calendar 


  • Select the task required to be done with the specific equipment:
  • Follow normal scheduling process and save.


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