add task add tasks add rates add materials add activity add rate add service add activities bulk add add services How can I add a task, a rate, or an service to a group of jobs at once?

LMN Time allows you to add tasksrates and services to multiple jobs at once so you don't have to add them manually on a job by job basis.


  1. Click on Jobs on the left-hand menu, then Jobs List 
  2. Start selecting the checkboxes of the Jobs you wish to add items to.
  3. Select the Add to Jobs drop down button to item you wish to add in bulk
    • Add Tasks
    • Add Services
    • Add Materials
    • Add Rates.
  4. Select the intended item to add to your Job(s).

The selected task/service/material/rates will be added to all the jobs that were selected.

You can also open any job(s) after this process is complete to customize the rate charged for that specific job/task.


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