Jobs: What's the Difference Between Tasks, Services, and Materials?


Tasks are what the crews will clock into when they arrive a the site.  Tasks are used to track and organize the crews' time.  For instance, you might have a job, but want to track time separately on the job for the hardscapes vs. the softscapes.  Using that example a job would have 2 tasks:

  • Hardscapes     Est Hrs: 120
  • Softscapes      Est Hrs:  40

When a crew arrives at the site, they will clock into the job.  They will then be presented with the choice of Hardscapes or Softscapes and their time on each task will be tracked separately.

A job can have as many tasks as you'd like, but you want to keep it simple for the crews to track their time accurately.


Job tracking and service verification in LMN Time is done through your jobsite's SERVICES.

You can setup jobsite services so when your crews clock out of a job, LMN Time will ask the LMN Time user which services were completed during the visit. The act of marking a service off as complete in the field will confirm a service was completed, for inclusive contracts, or can trigger billing. Using an example, a job in LMN Time will have services to verify completion:

  • Mow Complete
  • Spring Clean up Complete

For instructions on how to set up SERVICES within LMN Time, click HERE.


Materials can be viewed as 'Materials' only. If your question's only possible answer by a crew is "Yes" or "No", then make sure to use Services instead of Materials. Materials are only used to track the quantity of a material in the field. Using an example, a job in LMN Time will have materials to track the quantity of use:

  • Salt (Bagged)
  • Mulch (Yards)

For instructions on how to set up your MATERIALS in LMN Time, click HERE.



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