unbillable time unbillable drivetime drive time driving loading unloading travel faq shopjob How do I Track Drive (Travel) Time, Loading Time or Time Between Jobsites?

LMN time requires crews be clocked into a job/task for every hour they're on the clock.  The reason?  So you know exactly where your hours are getting spent.  Jobcosting is great, but unbillable time is a silent killer.  These hours, ignored by many companies, are not only costing you payroll, but they are robbing your company of valuable billable time - where you could be generating revenue on jobs.

To track non-job related time, you setup a SHOP or OVERHEAD job just like any other job.  You can create any number of tasks if you want to track unbillable time separately, for instance:

  • Driving time
  • Equipment maintenance time
  • Company meetings and safety
  • Shop and yard maintenance



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