tasks job too many tasks faq LMN Time merge tasks Merge Timetracking simplify My jobs imported from estimates have too many tasks. Can I simplify them for timetracking?

Yes - and not only can you simplify them, you probably should.  The more complicated the tasks, the more likely your field crews are to get confused, or to be inaccurate.

Sometimes its necessary to break an estimate down by a lot of work areas for the presentation to the customer, but once the job is 'live' for timetracking, you'll likely want to simplify those tasks for tracking.

LMN Time allows you to Merge Tasks - essentially combining multiple tasks into one task - and adding all the estimated time into one total.  Note: this merge is permanent and cannot be undone, unless you delete the new task and re-create the old ones from scratch.

Here are the simple steps:

  1. Open the job you wish to simplify
  2. Click the Tasks tab
  3. Put checkmarks beside each of the Tasks you wish to combine together
  4. Click the Action dropdown at the top right-hand menu, click Merge Selected
  5. Complete the Merge Tasks screen - you'll need to give your new 'single' task a name and assign a cost code (Note:  you can only have one cost code per task, so this new task will only be able to be linked to a single cost code)
  6. Click OK


All your selected tasks will be combined into one task for timekeeping.


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