materials services invoice settings timesheet photos job history advanced invoice activation materials/activities linked materials time jobs Jobs: Adding or Setting Up LMN Time Jobs (Advanced)

This guide will walk you through the advanced features when setting up a job in LMN Time.

  • Adding Services to your jobs
    • Open a job you'd like to add services to > Click on the Services tab on the left-hand menu. 
      • Click +Service in the top-right corner
    • For more information on setting up Services, click HERE

  • Linking materials to a service to track materials on a job
    • *When you add this service to a job, the activities will be linked by default. More information on setting up materials can be found HERE.
  • Open a Service you would like to link materials to, click on the Linked Materials tab
  • Copy a set of services and materials from another job
    • If you have a job setup with the Services & Materials you want to copy over to a new job you can do that by opening the job you'd like to add those Services & Materials to, click on the Services tab. 
    • Click the Import button at the top-right of the Services screen
    • From the Import screen, you will be able to select the Jobsite you would like to copy from and select if you'd like to import Tasks, Rates and Services
  • To setup invoicing settings on a job (for LMN Pro only), click on the Invoice Activation tab within a job on the left-hand menu. 
    • For more information on setting up Monthly invoicing, click HERE
    • For more information on Hourly invoicing, click HERE
  • You can review the detailed history of services performed and timesheet photos (LMN Pro only)on a job by clicking on History & Services tab within the job screen. 
  • Review invoices for a job  (LMN Pro only), click on the Invoices tab on the left-hand menu. 


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