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How to Invoice for Hourly Work

This article will show you how to set up your jobs for invoicing for work that is billed by the hour.

In order to set up invoicing for work that is billed by the hour, you will need to have a job created in LMN Time. To find out how to create a job in LMN Time, click HERE.

The key to setting up hourly work for invoicing starts with setting up your 'clock-in tasks' within your jobs that are billed per hour in LMN Time.

  1. In LMN Time, Click on Jobs > Job List
  2. Click into a job
  3. Click Tasks
  4. Click into a TASK and checkoff Track hours and rates for billing-by-the-hour
  5. Click OK


*To find out which tasks are set up for hourly billing, look for the 'HRLY?' column (as seen below) and check whether or not the task has a check mark or not under 'HRLY?'.


Next, Setup Hourly Rates. For information on how to setup hourly rates, click HERE.

Finally, you will need to turn on invoicing for this job. For more information on how to turn on invoicing, click HERE.

Once your hourly rates have been setup, your foreman can start using this job to track their actual time. LMN Time will keep track of what actual hours were worked onsite, what rate you are charging your customer, and it will automatically add what needs to be billed to your invoice.



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