invoicing job invoice settings Invoice Setting up LMN Time Jobs for Monthly Contract Invoicing

Monthly Contract Invoicing gives you the ability to setup a fixed amount that you charge your client every month no matter how much work you actually completed.

Before you begin, you will want to link your Job to the CRM.  For more information on Linking to CRM, please click HERE.

How to Setup Monthly Invoicing

  1. In LMN Time, Click Jobs > Job List
  2. Click Invoice Activation
  3. Click Setup Job For Invoicing


*Based on your Invoice Settings, some information will be pre-populated for you. If you wish to update any of this information, you can update in the fields provided. For more information on Invoice Settings, click HERE.

PO Number and Contract #: Use the provided fields to enter these numbers. If not applicable they can be left blank.

Extra Billing:

  • Add Extras to Monthly Invoice: This option will add any extra services that need to be billed to your monthly contracted invoice.
  • Invoice Extras Separately: This option will invoice extras separately by generating separate invoices for you.

Click on Invoice Schedule to setup your invoices


Contracted Service Total: Add a total billing amount to this field.

# of Payments: Choose from the dropdown menu the number of payments that you would like from your customer. 

*Keep in mind, your contract only needs to indicate Billing Type: Per Season. Any Per Visit or Per Hours/Unit will be considered Extra Billing and will be added into the jobs separately.

Day of the Month: Choose the dates you want to generate the Monthly Invoices.

Recalculate Payments: Click this button to breakdown your payments based on your dates and number of payments chosen.

*If any of the payments have already been collected, you can check the Skip Monthly Payments.  

Breaking One Monthly Payment into Separate Payments

In some cases, you may want to break one monthly invoice into separate payments. This could come into play if you really narrow down your invoicing by division (ex. Lawn Mowing vs. Fertilization) for job costing purposes. You can accomplish this with LMN invoicing!

  1. In LMN Time, Click Job List > Click on the job
  2. Click Invoice Activation
  3. Click Setup Job For Invocing
  4. Click Invoice Schedule
  5. Enter the Contracted Service Total $.
  6. Choose # of Payments.
  7. Choose Day of Month.
  8. Click Calculate
  9. Click to change the monthly payment (deduct what your sub payment will be).
  10. Click the + Button to add a sub payment for each month.


When you have completed your monthly payment schedule you can also add additional payments manually if needed.

Just click the + Button in the bottom right corner of your monthly invoice schedule.

*Note: if you make a manual payment addition the same date as a previous payment it will make it a sub-payment of that previous payment. 


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